Whitchurch Medical Centre

029 2062 9601/029 2035 7601

Walk in 1st dose vaccination

https://cavuhb.nhs.wales/news/home-page-news/bayside-mvc-to-operate-as-a-walk-in-centre-this-bank-holiday-weekend/?fbclid=IwAR1-HGCWHaT7opxcKPioKPxGTKVIPBL1MDEoPTjkWwUNkNaDK7aqUO9YjDQ   Bayside MVC is open for 1st dose vaccination this weekend.

Keeping Well

Patients may also benefit from accessing the Health Board’s ‘Keeping Me Well’ online therapies resource, which features a range of information, advice and resources to support people to manage elements … [continue] Keeping Well