Whitchurch Medical Centre

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Patient letter – Receipt of your referral in secondary care – ACCEPTED

“We have received a referral from your GP/Optician, because they would like us to provide a specialist opinion regarding your clinical symptoms.

DR/MR\Mrs XXXX has reviewed the information provided by your GP/Optician and has agreed that you need to be reviewed by the hospital team

We have classed your referral as urgent / routine and we will contact you as soon as is practically possible.

Wherever possible we are trying to avoid patients having to make trips to hospital and clinical staff may try to assess your condition over the phone or by video.

We will aim to contact you within xxxx weeks.

As you will understand the NHS is having to adapt to unprecedented demand during this situation and NHS staff are being diverted to wards and emergencies. We will try to keep you updated on changes to outpatient services – please review our hospital website for updated information.

It is important that whilst you are waiting to be seen that you take the correct steps to look after your health. Your doctor / optician will have told you how to do this.

If your symptoms change and you feel you cannot manage, you need to contact your GP practice to explain the change in your condition, as they may need to change the priority of your referral.

Many thanks…”