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Ramadan and Diabetes

Fasting for Ramadan 

The Qur’an requires Muslims to fast during the month of Ramadan from sunrise to sunset.

However, there are exceptions to this. One of them is that people who are ill or have medical conditions do not have to fast. This includes people with diabetes.

For the next few years, Ramadan in the UK is in the summer months and the length of fasts is very long (17 hours or more). Long fasts put you at higher risk of hypoglycaemia and dehydration, which can make you ill.

If you do choose to fast, then you can consult your doctor or healthcare team before Ramadan, to make sure that you are able to look after yourself properly.

This information will help you reduce the risks of becoming ill during Ramadan if you decide to fast, as well as highlighting the dangers of fasting for people with diabetes: Ramadan-Diabetes-factsheet

Here you can download further information from The Muslim Council of Britain  Ramadan and diabetes: A guide for patients