Whitchurch Medical Centre

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Tests and test results

Please phone for test results between 14.00 – 15.30 when the receptionists have more time to look for them, and when Doctor has seen them.

The receptionists can convey the doctor’s comments on your results, but are not able to give further advice. You will be asked to make an appointment with a doctor (can be a telephone appointment) if the result needs discussion.

Please allow five working days for blood test and urine test results.

Blood Tests

Blood tests recommended by the doctors are usually done by the phlebotomists on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and Friday afternoon. Whilst the phlebotomists are experts at taking blood samples, they are not nurses and are unable to offer any other type of health care.

Our practice nurses will take blood samples if required urgently, but it is important that we do not use up nurse’s appointments with routine blood tests.

Please Note:

For cholesterol, lipid and blood glucose tests you need to fast from midnight, and have nothing to eat or drink except water until you have your blood test (please ask for an early morning appointment).
For children under 10 years who need blood tests, an anaesthetic cream is available to reduce the pain (ask a doctor or nurse). Blood tests in the under 5s should be booked with a doctor, 5-10 years of age with a nurse.


Routine X-rays may be arranged as follows:

  1. At UHW, between 09.00 – 17.00 in the main X-ray department. The doctor will give you the request form to take to the department. Please telephone 029 2074 4564 to make an appointment.
  2. At Velindre, where an appointment will be arranged and sent to you by post. (Please note that Velindre Hospital is used as a convenient X-ray department and does not indicate that the doctor is looking for cancer.)
  3. Barium enemas, barium meals, ultrasound examinations, IVPs are arranged at UHW by appointment.
    X-rays for suspected fractures should always be done at the A & E Department, UHW.

UHW Main X-ray Department
Tel: 029 2074 4564

All x-ray results take at least 4 days to reach the Practice.

Other tests

Any samples need to be sent to the hospital by early afternoon, so please bring samples to reception by midday, in the plastic bag provided by the doctor.

Evening appointments are generally unsuitable for blood tests, swabs and urine samples.

Please ensure that all urine and faeces samples are placed in an appropriate container, which can be obtained from reception.