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We at Whitchurch Medical Centre have decided to join the ParkRun phenomena. Following the success of this with English GP Practices, we decided to become one of the first in Cardiff to join.

The ParkRun is not a race: walk, jog, run, volunteer or spectate. ParkRun is open to all, including those who are inactive or have health conditions.

Going for a run just once a week could be enough to cut the risk of early death by a quarter research suggests. Research from Victoria University in Melbourne examined 14 studies that looked at the links between running and mortality rates. They found that even the smallest amount of running – such as one run a week of less than 50-minutes – was enough to have a significant impact on mortality.

With UK ParkRun events still on hold due to COVID-19, in June 2020 ParkRun launched (Not)ParkRun. This fantastic initiative encourages people to log a 5k walk, jog or run time on a course of their own choosing, at ant time and any day of the week. They can do it alone or with others, within social distancing guidelines. Since June this year over 450,000 (Not)ParkRuns have been logged. The average finish time is 33-34 minutes, which indicates that those who are slightly slower, and perhaps less active, are taking part. Encouragingly, over 5,300 new people have registered for ParkRun and completed a (Not)ParkRun, suggesting that the initiative is reaching a new audience.

If you would like to come along, but would struggle to manage a walk or run of 5km, please do get in touch: [email protected] We would like lots of volunteers to join us at the start and finish, to encourage people, and to cheer when they reach the end. We look forward to seeing you there.